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A Big Welcome To Kings’ Newest Patent and Trade Marks Attorney – Melanie Serafini

Kings has further expanded its patent and trade marks practice with the appointment of recently qualified patent and trade marks attorney, Melanie Serafini.

Although she may only be recently qualified, Melanie has almost 10 years of experience in the intellectual property (“IP”) field.  Prior to joining Kings, she spent more than eight years working at Mars Australia as part of their in-house legal team providing IP support and guidance before making the move to IP professional services and being part of two Brisbane legal practices.

Her technical experience is broad ranging, from research at the Agricultural and Wine Science School at Charles Sturt University to being a food scientist in the pet care industry.  Melanie’s experience with Mars Australia as first a food scientist and then as part of their in-house legal team inspired her move into IP.

Melanie practices in all areas of IP law, including patent, trade marks and designs, and prides herself on forging and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients.

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