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Mechanical Engineering.

With experience in mechanical engineering and mining technologies, Kings Patent & Trade Marks Attorneys help their clients to obtain patent, trade mark, and design protections for mining, engineering, manufacturing, and medical devices.

Mechanical Engineering Patent Attorneys

It is critical to protect your intellectual property in the manufacturing, processing, and engineering sectors to maintain an edge over your competitors. 

The Kings team have dedicated qualifications and experience in the field of mechanical engineering. Because of our expertise, we can draft, file, and manage robust patent applications that protect your intellectual property now and in the future.

We help clients across Australia obtain patents, registered designs, and trade marks for a range of mechanical engineering products, devices, and processes, including:

  • Mechanical devices
  • Packaging technology
  • Industrial processes
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical engineering

Australian Medical Device Patents

The medical field is among the fastest moving industries in the world.  It is important to seek patent protection to ensure advancements in this space are appropriately protected and monopolised.  The experienced attorneys at Kings can help protect and maintain your portfolio of medical patents, ensuring you can maximise the value of your IP through broad commercialisation strategies.

Mining Patents Australia

Protecting your advancements in mining technologies and processes is crucial to stay ahead of the competition. The patent attorneys at Kings hold extensive experience in mining, engineering and extraction technologies. Our expertise allows us to draft, manage, and prosecute all mining related patents, including:

  • Mining engineering technologies
  • Mining services
  • Minerals processing
  • Refining processes
  • Extractive metallurgy
  • Material technologies
  • Industrial processes

International Mining and Mechanical Engineering Patents

Kings Patents & Trade Marks Attorneys tailor our patent law, trade mark, and registered design Brisbane services to meet your needs around the globe. We get to know your business and your invention in order to deliver the best possible protection for you in Australia and overseas. 

Through our established network of trusted partners, we can help you obtain patent protection for the countries where you seek to develop market presence.

Talk to our team about your invention and we will develop a patent management strategy to ensure protection in your jurisdictions of interest.