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Mining Technologies.

Kings Patent & Trade Marks Attorneys have a strong background in mining, mechanical and engineering technologies. Our expertise enables us to draft quality applications and manage intellectual property protection for highly technical inventions in the mining and mineral processing sector.

Our areas of work include: 

  • Minerals processing technologies
  • Sensors and process monitoring
  • Minerals processing methods
  • Heavy mining equipment and machinery
  • Mining and extraction methods
  • Tailings treatment and disposal technologies
  • Tailings treatment methods

Mining Patents in Australia

Australia is a nation that runs on the strength of its mining industry. Supporting our mining companies are a range of patents, trade marks and registered designs that protect the intellectual property associated with mining equipment and related devices.

Holding robust patents, trade marks, and designs allows your business to gain exclusivity over its IP, or license it to supplement its revenue. The patent attorneys at Kings can assist with obtaining a broad range of mining technology protections to ensure that you can effectively license, exploit, and enforce your invention.

Minerals Processing Patents in Australia

Many of the inventions in Australia’s mining industry pertain to extraction and refinement of raw materials. While physical engineering and mining technologies are central to these functions, protecting the processes themselves can give your company an edge over its competitors.

In Australia, unique technical processes are entitled to the same patent protection as physical inventions.  Mining process patents protect the steps required to produce a final result. A granted process patent prevents infringers from replicating the essential steps in their own process. 

The patent attorneys at Kings can assist you with describing your process in a way that enables broad protection and reduces opportunities for your competitors.

Obtaining International Mining Patents

With our established network of trusted partners, we can investigate and obtain international mining patents to protect your inventions in jurisdictions of interest.  

At Kings Patent & Trade Marks Attorneys, we customise our services to suit your needs. Our mining patent strategies are designed to provide the best possible protection for every market in which you seek to operate. 

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With a diverse background across mechanical, engineering, and mining technologies, the attorneys at Kings offer dynamic and useful solutions.

Whether you need to protect a new product or process, license your technology, or enforce your rights, Kings Patent & Trade Marks Attorneys can help.

From individual researchers to multinational mining giants, our team has the expertise to assist with drafting and managing your intellectual property. 

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