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Top 5 Spookiest Halloween Themed Patents

With Halloween around the corner, the team at Kings IP is delighted to present a selection of intriguing Halloween-themed patents. From surprise packages to pet costumes, these patents showcase invention with a touch of spookiness. 


Australian Patent AU4271999A Package surprise designed to contain objects

The invention relates to a surprise box for containing objects. According to the invention, the surprise box comprises a hollow body made of deformable material, provided with a deformable opening 100 giving access to the inside of the hollow body. Inside the hollow body are obstacles that are not visible from the opening. These obstacles complicate searching for and taking hold of objects disposed inside the surprise box (i.e. lollies 30 shown in Figure 2 below). 

Image: Package surprise designed to contain objects

United Stated Patent US2003177562A1 Weather and climate adaptive Halloween costume

This Halloween costume is adapted to accommodate changes in weather and climate so that it can be worn regardless of seasonal and whether variation to ensure that the wearer is kept safe and comfortable. 

The costume includes an insulative material and a venting material upon which a decorative member outlining the appearance of a Halloween character may be attached. A truly terrifying embodiment of this costume is shown below.

Image: Weather and climate adaptive Halloween costume

United States Patent US6035447A Halloween mask with flash device

This face mask rests on a wearer’s face and has a hollow portion between the wearer’s face and the outer surface of the face mask. A flashing device is positioned within the hollow portion. As pictured below, the face mask includes a plurality of apertures 11 through which the flashing device may emit light. Here, the mouth and ear apertures enable light to be emitted from the hollow portion such that the light is visible to a viewer.

Image: Halloween mask with flash device

United States Patent US2010128588A1 Halloween greeting system

This patent relates to a Halloween greeting system for prompting young children to remember to say “trick or treat” and “thank you”. The greeting system includes a Halloween treat container that has a voice recorder/audio player and a remote-control unit for triggering the voice recorder/audio player to play a recorded message.

Chinese Patent CN107006387A Halloween pet costume

The invention discloses a Halloween pet costume. The costume comprises a spider-shaped costume body and two pieces of cloth which can be positioned below the costume body and used for wrapping a pet’ s abdomen. Importantly, this patent “is capable of exaggerating Halloween atmosphere.” We couldn’t agree more. 

Image: Halloween pet costume

While the patent process can seem daunting (and sometimes haunting), the patent law experts at Kings IP are here to hold your hand every step of the way. 

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