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Can I Patent That Trade Mark or Trade Mark That Patent?

Come join us on 8 June 2021 from 9am-11am at the Brisbane Business Hub.

Clinton and Jack are excited to be holding a free workshop giving businesses practical and useful insights into understanding and protecting their most valuable assets – their intellectual property!

We will also be providing some easy-to-use strategies for avoiding intellectual property issues.

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Intellectual Property in Russia

Intellectual Property in Russia We are often asked whether obtaining intellectual property protection in China is worthwhile (the answer is often yes, by the way).  However, in the current geopolitical climate, a better question may be whether obtaining IP in Russia is a worthwhile proposition.

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Protecting Your Ip Begins At The Front Door

Protecting Your IP Begins At The Front Door Many businesses have a whole raft of visitors on-site at any time including suppliers, technicians, people on factory tours, customers, and the like. While most visitors are trustworthy, by not taking proactive steps to protect your confidential

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